The BRYC team

This is how happy the BRYC crew is after a great annual meeting in Luleå last week. In the front you see our new chair person Ksenia Kipurova (Arkhangelsk) who will chair BRYC for the coming year! Congrats Ksusha and congrats the whole of BRYC to have chosen such a good leader! 😀 To her left is the vice chair person John Asle Somby (Finnmark). Around them you see their happy team! 😀

The new board is as follows: Ksenia Kipurova (Russia), John Asle Somby (Norway), Halvard Rundberg (Indigenous people), Risto Ukkonen (Finland) and Ylva Maria Pavval (Sweden).

It feels great to leave my position as the BRYC chair person after two wonderful years, and I’m looking forward to see the new directions where Ksusha will lead us.


Annual meeting 2010

We’ve just arrived to Luleå for the annual meeting which will start tomorrow. We have plenty of exciting things on the agenda, like electing the new board, a new chairperson and have some great sauna time in the hotel sauna. We will do a lot of work with our upcoming event which will be a FUN festival in Kirkenes this fall. Will let you know more about it after the meeting, where we are to decide loads of things. We’ll also be discussing our wishes for what to include in the new Barents Youth Programme from 2011. And we’ll have theatre coach Jens Choong to do some workshops with us. Can’t wait for us to start!

Niejda – chicks in Sápmi

You remember the BRYC event of 2008? Yeah Right! – A human rights workshop on human rights:

One of the ideas from Yeah Rights! was discussion clubs for saami girls, where teenagers can meet up and talk about different topics in a safe environment. Different organisations like Amnesty and the Red Cross have discussion clubs like that for both boys and girls in Sweden, but nothing for the indigenous people.

So BRYC have developed the idea together with the swedish saami youth organisation Sáminuorra, and we have come up with an suggestion for how a saami version would be. Now we’re inviting everyone interested to an open meeting in Jokkmokk on January the 7th.



Hey friends!

First of all I want to say that I miss you guys. The trip to Arkhangelsk will never be forgotten! 🙂

I also want to say hi and tell you something about myself since I’m a new BRYC-member.

I’m really looking forward to coorporate with all of you, this is such an important council for every youth in our regions. Today I’m in the council for youths in Tromsø, and we are seven members from all around the Troms region representing different regions. We are the youths mouthpiece, and our vission is to make Troms the best region to grow up in based on culture, school, transport and activities.

Now days I’m a student where I want to become a lawyer when I’m finished at High School. I’m living at Senja, an irland not far from Tromsø.

I have so many thoughts about this council, and I can’t say anything more then I’m really looking froward to this. It makes me really happy to think about what we can do to change or improve things!

So, I hope to see you all soon, and take care. 🙂

Best wishes, Silja Kristianne.

Hello everyone!

My name is Irina Karmazina and I wanted to introduce myself and say Hi.) I’m a new BRYC member from Murmansk and I’m really very happy about it! Looking forward to meeting all of you!)
Apart from being a BRYC-member now, I have been a member of the youth NGO “Youth Humanistic Movement” for more than 2 years. We deal with cultural and educational projects on different topics from arts to anti-racism. We are always glad to get to know other youth groups and organizations and make projects together!

One of our main projects is the festival week “Dialog of Cultures”. That’s an international youth week where we have seminars, workshops, discussions, screenings and concerts. We welcome creative people who want to make their future better and suggest some alternatives to what we now have. Possible topics for the next festival (March 2010) :
– arts in the crisis
– city as an environment
– the society of consumption and etc.

You can find the information about the previous festivals on and feel free to write me and ask for it. My e-mail is:

Warmest wishes from cold Murmansk!