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The BRYC team

This is how happy the BRYC crew is after a great annual meeting in Luleå last week. In the front you see our new chair person Ksenia Kipurova (Arkhangelsk) who will chair BRYC for the coming year! Congrats Ksusha and congrats the whole of BRYC to have chosen such a good leader! 😀 To her left is the vice chair person John Asle Somby (Finnmark). Around them you see their happy team! 😀

The new board is as follows: Ksenia Kipurova (Russia), John Asle Somby (Norway), Halvard Rundberg (Indigenous people), Risto Ukkonen (Finland) and Ylva Maria Pavval (Sweden).

It feels great to leave my position as the BRYC chair person after two wonderful years, and I’m looking forward to see the new directions where Ksusha will lead us.

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  1. Ksenia Kipurova ⋅

    Hey! My name is Ksenia and I have been elected to be a new chairperson for the Barents Regional Youth council, where I’m a representative of the Arkhangelsk region. I’ve been in BRYC for 4 years and I’m glad to get this position, because I adore BRYC and love it with all my heart. It’s amazing, that such extraordinary, creative people, full of energy and eager to work gatherd all together in one council! Barents cooperation is strengthening with every year and BRYC will do it’s best to make it even stronger!

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